Project Description

Release date : 8 May 2020

Mila Dietrich is back with a new EP « Isolation » composed during the lockdown. It takes its inspiration from the quarantine and the isolation felt by the artist during this hard time.

The first track « Isolation » is an interpretation of the lockdown experience, explicitly expressed by the hypnotizing vocal on a psychedelic groove.
The second track « Violent daydreams » is an even deeper vision of the isolation effects, an awaken nightmare ideal for disillusionment, but also a deep dark inspiration source. The vocal of this track is totally inspired by Death Metal universe like the artwork of the EP.

By elevating the BPM on this new release, Mila Dietrich shows her capacity to renew her style while keeping her own distinctive sensibility. She signs here a both techno and minimal/trance influenced EP, with strong and precise production skills.