Project Description

Release date : 26 Mar 2021

Lūv is much more than a music project, it’s a second chance for Elodie. A second chance at life. At 40 years old, Elodie, like many people of her generation, felt out of place.

At 20 years old, she found love and music at the same time, when she met a DJ / techno producer from the free party scene.

And finally, she seemed to have found what had been missing all these years. Following the birth of her child, she set up Sudden Sense, a music group founded with her partner and started playing in bars and clubs in her area. But in this duo, she was frustrated at not being able to impose her own vision.

In her late thirties, Elodie took some time to think about her life. ‘I realised I wasn’t happy. I searched deep within myself to look for what really excited me, I allowed lots of things to emerge and realised music was always there. When I was composing music in a studio, I felt such strong emotions…I felt something within me needed to come out, to express itself. It was there, I just needed to believe in it and I told myself: I am a musician. I am an artist. And I must not shy away from this anymore.’