Select likes to be different. A little bit like people who refuse to shop at Ikea to avoid having the same furniture as everyone else. Benjamin wanted his music to have a distinctive sound, to be unique. That’s why, for a month he used his flat in Paris as his workshop and created his own modular synthesizer, cutting it directly into wood planks and soldering his own circuits. This felt like the end of a long journey, dating back to his teenage years, when he started working on his first demos using DAW software like Reason or Fruity Loops. 

In 2018, he created his Instagram account (@select_tunes) and released a series of 1-min long videos in which he showcased his compositions. He worked with different synthetisers and produced melodic house with hints of Radiohead – this would soon become his trademark and a community of fans of Select’s music started to grow. This community expanded even more after Select participated in the BPM Contest in 2020 where the audience was fascinated by his music, which can be defined as somewhere between lo-fi house and electronic, Jon Hopkins and David August, but still with this distinctive melodic touch.

Select works tirelessly on his first album, Lost in Noise, which is scheduled to be released early 2021. No young artist pressure for Select though: in two years, he’s composed close to 90 tracks, and he has selected the best eleven which he is improving to perfection.