Mira Ló dreams of Chicago seen from above. From a party on a delirious rooftop, punctuated by one of her contagious house mix which she has secret. The 26- year-old Parisian DJ and producer has a natural talent for making people dance, whose origin undoubtedly resides in her childhood rocked by the flamenco jams that brightened up family dinners.

Aware of the power of her music, Mira Ló loves above all the transfer of energy that takes place on stage and considers her sets as a cure. “My goal in mixing is to make people happy, to forget their problems. I look at them a lot, I smile at them, I send them hearts. At the end of my sets, I’m washed out, because I danced with them and gave them back the energy.”

This magic of the stage, Mira Ló also transposes it on disc. After the single “Falling for You” in 2019, she was coached by her performance at the BPM Contest and is currently preparing a new EP that will deal with love ailments for 2021. Half-musician, half-healer, Mira Ló conceived her disc in the image of her mix: therapeutic.