Today, he works from his studio, filled with over fifty plants (‘I was missing not having a garden’) and he continues to seize opportunities one after the other. He relies on instinct as much in life as in making music. ‘If it takes me more than an hour to get the basis of a track right, I stop. I don’t think it’s worth pushing it. An hour is enough for me to know if what I’m doing is good or not.’


In his upcoming EP, due for release in 2021, Imako will introduce a concept of ‘orchestral French Touch’, using instruments traditionally found in orchestra such as oboe, violin, trumpet. As Imako puts it, this album will sound like a subtle reference to his parents who were big fans of classical music. His childhood music references were Bach, Wagner and Berlioz. No need to ask him how he sees his future: Imako is firmly rooted in the present: ‘I just want to do good music. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, too bad’.